Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fingerhut Sucks

Fingerhut has once again screwed me! 15 years ago or so I had a problem with them over chargeing me for a product, and since so many years has passed I thought I would give them another chance when they sent me another catalog. Well; I should have stuck with my initial thoughts (that this company should not be trusted), and I was right. The catalog sent had said that we were "Pre-Approved" for a credit limit, well I went against my better judgement and ordered a couple of Christmas gifts. Well as it turns out they (Fingerhut) took the entire purchase out of my account instead of setting it up for payments as the catalog had stated. Talking with this company is a waste of time most of the time, as they are not willing to admit thier mistake or work with customers to resolve the situation (as in my phone conversations with them today). Finally; my wife (who is at that timeof the month) got them on the phone and was able to correct the problem; never mess with a woman with PMS..LOL!!!! The moral of the story is to be very carefull when dealing with Fingerhut, I can assure you they will never get my business again and everyone that I know will be told to stay away from them, and since I am in a position to talk with hundreds of people a month that is a lot of people.
Have a great Holiday Season Everyone!